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Ryan Lamb is a supremely talented singer/songwriter guitarist, who also happens to be the son of Paul Lamb, the Legendary Geordie Bluesman who is renowned for his red-hot harmonica playing.

Born in Blyth, Northumberland in July of 1986, you could say Ryan was born with the Blues in his blood. 
Ryan got an early start on his career, joining his Father on stage, as the lead guitarist of Paul Lamb & The King Snakes at the tender age of 21.

Ryan Lamb is his own man but he is not hiding from his heritage either. Ryan was under no illusions when he joined the band he knew he had entered an extremely tough arena, an arena where only the best survive...
An arena he is well on his way to conquering.

Influenced by Magic Sam, one of Chicago's most adventurous Blues performers, Magic Sam along with contemporaries Otis Rush, Buddy Guy & Freddie King, was the originator of the West Side guitar style, the Chicago Blues sound of the late 50's.
It's this sound and style that Ryan loves.
Ryan uses a minimum of effects and goes the vintage route most of the time. His setup is little more than a guitar plugged straight in to an amp, no pedals & effects are required, just his pure talent that shines through.

Over the years and little by little, Ryan has pieced his own dynamic and powerful sound together. Whilst touring with the band he is still reinventing his sound, with a varied palette of side projects to push the boundaries. 
With his outstanding guitar talent, as well as his drive and commitment Ryan continues to express the music he loves, to the delight of his ever growing fan base.

Ryan Lamb Guitarist